Friday, August 9, 2013

Silver Fox Project REVEALED

 I have FINISHED the silver fox plush that I have told you readers about. YES IT CAN move its legs like planned. She can sit,lay and beg. I would like to add, she is a great companion. My favorite part was making the tail (I LOVE tails).
Mock up before sewing
Heather has a skeleton inside her plush body and in the lower part of her jointed legs, the skeleton is made of wire. (I was against wire at first but I ended up using it to make her stronger).
When I saw the head come together, I could envision what the entire fox would look like

Posing in Nature
The project took about 16 weeks to finish even though I had free time in between. She was frustrating and exciting to make and I think when I get older I should try again to make something even more realistic.  



Me and my Silver Fox

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Texan Two In One Skirt

This Summer I learned how to sew a skirt.
My dad picked out the fabric which motivated me to try to make it. For my first time I thought it was safe to use a pattern. All the pattern turned out to be was two rectangles that you sewed together. That's not how it turned out though it turned out to be a perfect skirt. I also discovered it can be two out fits! 

I called the one with the belt, 'The Casual Cowgirl' which fits in with Austin TX.

The one with the vest is more western cow poke, which I called 'The Quick Draw'.