Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The French Indian War: How It Happened

     Both French and English thought they had the right to the land which we know now as Pennsylvania.  The French had a fort called Fort Duquesne, George Washington was serving under the English at this time (1745) and his men were marching on their way to this very fort when they encountered a band of French scouting men.  The English massacred them and this battle became known as, The Battle Of Jumonville Glen. Soon after, Washington built Fort Necessity. The French didn't like that, so they sent six hundred soldiers to force Washington to give up Fort Necessity. The French Indian War Began!
     The French ended up losing this war giving up many other territories making the English very powerful. The long term effects of the outcome of this war led to deep financial debt for the English. Ten years later in 1765, the British imposed the Stamp Act on the colonies which led to the American Revolution

The Fox And The Panther

     One day a fox met a panther in the middle of the forest. The panther was so baffled at the little foxs' size compared to hers, "My my, you look out of shape little dear," she hissed with a mischievous look. Every body in the forest knew Panther would always challenge the other animals that couldn't climb very well to a tree climbing competition so she could make a big fuss about herself.
      "You need to get in shape foxy," said Panther, "I challenge you to a tree climbing race!" Finally, the day had come for the fox and the panther to race up the Great Oak Tree. "At the howl of Wolf we will begin climbing" Panther explained. She shot out her dagger like claws and got ready on her side of the big oak. "Haooooooooooooo," Wolf howled. Panther shot up the first third of the tree while fox struggled up to the fourth. Then panther was at at the half way mark every body cheered.
      "For me?!?" Panther thought but then she looked down to see fox close behind her. They were getting to the top part of the tree panther strained forward but her large size and weight was too heavy to go any further so she stopped for if she strained up the tree it would break. She glanced over just to see.... "Wheres fox?" She heard a twig break right on the level she was on, the little fox was scamping up the tree like no tomorrow. This made Panther wonder, "I could have sworn foxes can't climb," she mumbled to herself. She started up the tree trying to beat fox by a hair but it was too late. She heard the audience cheer, fox had made it up the whole tree. Then Fox and Panther scurried down, Fox said, "Good game!" but Panther didn't answer, her brain was discombobulated from trying to figure out how she was beaten by a fox. 
     "I have a tip for you," said Fox, Panther looked at her, "Never ask a Gray Tree Climbing fox to a tree climbing competition." 
"Goodbye Panther,"  and with that she scampered up small tree and went into her fox hole. 

The moral of this story was: Never under-estimate the small.  

Photo by: Corbis
"I challenge you to a tree climbing race!"
Photo by:unknown
"The little fox was scamping up the tree like no tomorrow"

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Puritan Irony

     In the seventeenth century a group of colonists who called themselves Puritans ran away from persecution in England. Puritans were English Protestants who founded Boston and Massachusetts. The following history portrays how irony befell their name.
     The colony they founded was a strict society. For example, you couldn't kiss your own child on Sabbath or fasting day. There were other strict policies such as the restriction of instruments; in some villages you could only play the Trumpet, Irish Drum or the Jews Harp. In some villages you couldn't play or dance to an instrument at all. Other oddities occurred like no playing on the Sabbath or Fasting day and if you whispered, talked or played during the sermon (which is a long period of preaching time) you were to be hit on the head with the tithing man's staff, which had a knob at one end and a squirrel's tail at the other. Sometimes even whips were allowed in churches if the boys where to misbehave to much. Both these punishments brought pain and tears. Isn't the Lords day (Every day) supposed to be cheerful and relaxing?!?  
     Rigid rules and harsh discipline helped lay the foundation for various troubles in the settlement. Two people, Anne Hutcheson and Roger Williams were exiled for challenging the Governors. Roger Williams was put on trial in Salem and expelled  from the colony. This was a blessing in disguise, soon after Roger founded Rhode Island which was a safe haven for those who where religiously persecuted. Many Quakers showed up there because they where being persecuted by Puritans, which I remind you ran away from persecution themselves.
     Another ironic occurrence was the Salem which trials, twenty four people where accused of being a witch. Nineteen were put to death plus two dogs who were accused of being bewitched. It all started with two girls acting out in rebellion, this caused a stir in the community. These girls where always whispering but that wasn't all, their caretaker Tituba was a native from the Caribbean Islands, it was not uncommon in this area for people to dabble with witchcraft. After reviewing the incident, in hind sight the parents should have used discernment to handle the situation. they needed to look at a possible compromise regarding strict rules on the behavior of children, discipline the girls in a loving manner and remove the influence of Tituba. This may have stopped the murderous chain reaction that was unnecessary.
    At this point, Puritans are looking pretty bad but one man that was a big part of the settlement had great intentions even though it failed to turn out that way. John Winthrop was a Puritan judge and he wanted the city to be ran by God which is the one and only right way, he wanted the city to be an example to the world. Some people felt the same. In fact, I agree with John Winthrop's 'City Upon A Hill' document. It is important for us to study history, to see the faults and successes and to learn from their mistakes. This lesson might save us from revisiting irony ourselves.
John Winthrop
Photo by: Cliff1066

Good Bible Verses for Thought:

Ephesians 6:4
"Father's do not exasperate your children to anger, instead bring them up in the training of the Lord."

Proverbs 12:1
"Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid."

Philippians 9:1
"And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more in knowledge and depth of insight."

Mom's Note: I find this study interesting. I learned that when man tries to do the Holy Spirit's work, it ends in disaster and letting the Holy Spirit be the Head of the body seems to be a difficult task for Human's to allow.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Quest Part 2

He is missing a cub. One of the two cubs he had had been swept away while he was pulled under. The other is whining with fear so he pulls up onto dry land and puts it down on the nice warm grass and it subsides. He looks up to motion her to swim across but she has gone along the river side vigilantly searching  for her lost pup. Then she sees it. The cub is capsized onto its back. Thank goodness it has air!
She finds a nice place in the grass to put the two pups she has and dives in. The water is cold against her fur she strains towards the pup and grasps it's cold soggy body, it shivers in her mouth, she is tossed and turned constantly while fighting the river. Could this be the end of her generation? She feels a sharp pain as she is dragged down, now all is calm. She doesn't feel the pup in her grasp. She feels her surroundings suddenly lighten and everything is rushing again. All she can see is the blur of five figures.
Her surroundings change again she is gaining her senses back and she is on land. She looks at her half
Wolf Photo by:Baerni
"She looks at her half drowned pup waddling up to her"

Wolf photo by:ahisgett
"her mate motions her to get up and starts padding away"
drowned pup waddling up to her and her venerable mate keeping the soaked cubs warm. She is so relieved and relaxed but there is no time to loose. They need to find a territory populous in food and hiding areas, a new place safe from any bears, a place for her pups to grow up. This is when the real journey begins. Her mate motions her to get up and starts padding away with  pups trotting behind him.
She gets up wearily and hobbles over. Then they see a figure off in the distance it is small and brown, perhaps a fox? No. It is a rabbit, a sign of life and food! Her mate starts faster towards the land because he knows that it is a safe plentiful place to make a den. Finally, they have arrived at the best den yet it was gorgeous for it was a small rock den with a hidden entrance in a beautiful area just fit for wolves.
wolf pup photo by:USFWS Headquarters

Robbers Cave Trailhead photo by:FreeWine

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Colonial Hipster

       There were hipsters back then and one of them was William Penn. Not soon after he turned eighteen William decided to grow his locks long and wavy. His dad was an Admiral for the British navy. Will started hanging with the Quakers who thought for themselves, wouldn't remove their hat or act pompous and everyone they met was considered a friend. Will decided to rebel against his father's wishes to be part of the court of the King, he took it too far and got expelled from college so his dad said, "I am not having any of this," and sent him off to France, then Ireland where he was put in prison. Despite being sent away from the influence of the Quakers, Will found himself always draw back in.

       When his dad passed on Will inherited land owed to his father by the King. He declared an adventure open to his friends to take part in a chance for freedom. Over 3,000 colonial hipsters decided the journey was worth the chance and settled with Penn in Penn's Woods (Pennsylvania). A great city of commerce and education was born where refuge from war was sought and people of all colors and creeds found comfort. The name of the city was befittingly called the city of brotherly love (Philadelphia). 
William Penn
Photo By: Getty Images

He may have been off beat to some in those days but as Jim Powell states in his article, William Penn, America's First Great Champion for liberty and Peace, "By creating Pennsylvania, Penn set an enormously important example for liberty. He showed that people who are courageous enough, persistent enough, and resourceful enough can live free. He went beyond the natural right theories of his friend John Locke and showed how a free society would actually work. He showed how individuals of different races and religions can live together peacefully when they mind their own business. He affirmed the resilient optimism of free people."

Sadly, Penn wasn't able to settle in His own 'land'. Due to financial troubles, he had to return to England in 1701.  He died in 1718 never able to return to America. Ronald Reagan gave him honorary citizenship November 28, 1984.

The Hipster as defined by the urban dictionary: "Hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20's and 30's that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter." 

The Colonial Hipster definition by Chandra and Alex Brown: "Colonial Hipsters are a subculture of men and women that valued independent thinking, counter-culture (of their time period), would have owned a 'make love not war' bumper sticker for their horse, enjoys solitude, intelligence and witty banter. Drab brown, Grey, black and white articles of clothing depicts the extent of fashion sense; it's simple. May find themselves in prison for their hipster lifestyle. 


My Mom helped with the articles and quotes....

Cookie's Cooking Tips 101

Cookie the cook photo by: Alex Brown

Hi, its Cookie here and I am going to tell you about treats. I will give you tips and later on you can get a special recipe for one of my special treats! 

  • Tip 1 : Never eat sugar cookies that are too white (that means they don't taste good or too rich)
  • Tip 2 : I recommend home-made candies or cookies and Toll House cookies  (they taste the best!)
  • Tip 4 : DON'T feed your pets  sweets it can cause their system to malfunction 
  • Tip 5 : NO G.M.O.
Choco-Peanut Butter Pillows:

1. Buy a bag/container of H.K Anderson Peanut Butter Filled             Pretzels 

2. Buy Chocolate bark
3: Melt Chocolate bark in microwave until melted

4: Fully dip H.K Anderson Peanut Butter Filled pretzels in melted chocolate bark

5: Put batch in the fridge to set for 2 hours

6: ENJOY!!!
Stay tuned for Cookie's Cooking Tips 101 Featuring Tiki Masala!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Quest

        Attentive golden eyes stare into the forest, a stoic figure indispensably focused. Her immense paws daintily lift off the ground, she moves stealthily. Then she pounces with her claws dispersed. She chases the animal across the forest, she tries once more! Soon she tastes the food she is longing for.
     The snow is turning her gray coat white as she runs with her prize meal to her mate. Now she is in search of a remote birthing den for she is going to have cubs. She has had her pups in a tree that has its roots half way out of the ground making a nice cozy cave for the family. The cubs unavailing senses cause her to perpetually guide them  around the den and territory. She let out a clamorous howl to  her mate calling him to help handle her new litter.  Now they can explore  outside the den area but not for long. The time has come to move from the den area for bears and other predators will come to this location constantly for a meal.
den photo by:Tom Remington
        But it's too late, a bear has come to slaughter her litter. She franticly grabs one of her pups and fleas to a nearby rocky area and places it down gently, off in the distance she sees her mate having a furious battle and runs swiftly back to get another pup. She does so until all her pups are far from the vicious bear who is now raiding her meat storage. She and her faithful mate both with two cubs sprint towards the river, it's rushing and very deep it had been frozen when she had reached this area in the winter and the only way to get all four pups across the raging river alive is to hope. Her mate goes first he strides into the deep river then he strains his neck up trying to keep the two pups he has at the moment alive. Suddenly, he is swept under the thick sheet of ice cold water! She urges forward in fear, then he bobs back up. She is excited to see him alive but there's one thing he is missing...


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What the HECK is it?

I recently purchased a webkinz !!! However...

what the HECK is it!?!?!?

I may have missed the news about webkinz hybrids, cause I really don't know what this is.

Just look at it! Is it a duck, a goose? NAH, probably a platypus or a kiwi bird, but just look at it, it can't be!!! I looked at the tag for the name of this thing and the company classified it as a Googles! WHAT THE HECK IS A GOOGLES?!?!

That got me searching on the internet, on Google to be exact and I didn't find an animal in nature anywhere close to this thing.

Take a look at these pictures and tell me WHAT THE HECK IT IS. Until I get any answers I am  going to call it a Goopladui ( goo-pla-doo-ee) cause the best I can tell it's a Goose, Platypus,Duck and a Kiwi. At least webkinz has an imagination, (or a lack of one) I'll give them credit for that.

'GOO' for Goose
Photo by:NatalieMaynor
'PLA'  for Platypus
Photo by:Maksim
'DU' for Duck
Photo by: furryscaly
' I ' for Kiwi
Photo by: mmagellan

 It's a Goopladui, what do you think it is???

The Texas Tree

         As a peach tree some may think that it's hard staying in one spot for my entire life, but it's not,
for me it is quite fine. The only thing that can remove me from my spot is He who created me and His forces or  humans which may cut me down for lumber. A typical day consists mainly of interacting with wildlife like the happy little squirrel family that scurries up my branches tickling me, oh what a joyful thing to laugh!
           It is always a joy when the sparrows sing upon my tree tops hearing them sing makes my day.  How soothing to have the cats and grey foxes scratch my trunk that has been holding an itch all day. Ah, how I love the smiling,clever, little fellows that come to make forts and hide outs from my canopy.
One of my favorite things is the soft, cool rain cleansing my leaves giving me nutrients that I have longed for and needed and of course, the blue sage color of the wet drops hitting the ground is pure delight.  My favorite time of  year is Fall, when I mend a dress of  red, auburn, brown and gold for my dear friends the soil and ground, for they are the ones that keep my roots safe and sound. Along with that I bear the most gorgeous succulent, sweet  fruit for all the happy families that come to pick and enjoy.
        As you can see it is very pleasant being a tree but sometimes pesky bugs like aphids and grasshoppers come and destroy my beautiful greenery and seeds but caterpillars are the WORST, they will chew you up like a goat on an open field. Even though this can be hard on me, that's just what you have to go through when you are a tree.

(A short story exercise using anthropomorphism)
Story by : Alex Brown

'The Texas Peach Tree'
Photo by: Chandra Brown