Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Silver Fox Project: Post One

I am doing a project on silver foxes and its not about studying, 

This project is about design. I am a 10 year old girl who is HAND 

SEWING a LIFE SIZED silver fox plush (with all details accounted 


Day one: Dreadful; papers covered the office floor and there 

were 1,000 pattern pieces I had to cut out. On the other hand

I got a GREAT DEAL at Hancock Fabrics, a cool cloth-loaded fabric 

store that has great service!!! I got half a yard of grizzled 

gray faux fur for $2:80 which is the main color of the silver


I plan to put joints in this spectacular animal to make it stiff

but moveable. I HAVE HAD AN EXPERIENCE WITH WIRE and it's

difficult to go back to the plushes original stance. Eventually 

the plush will become weak and topple over. That is why I wish to 

use small metal joints throughout the plush. I spent $15:74 total

for all the materials.

I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Materials for Silver Fox Plush Project