Monday, September 30, 2013

Under The Weather

One fine sunny morning Mom said, 
"Hey, Odie hasn't eaten today!"
"Lets feed her some turkey," I proclaim
We urge her to eat it
But she looks at it as if she were trying to say
Oh no, that's not like Odie and this isn't the first day
"Then lets take her to the doctor," I say.
Little rain clouds form over our heads 
"Your going to have to put her on meds,"the Doctor said.
We carry her out, our emotions are scarred 
"Oh why does life have to be so hard?"
We hang in the balance,"Will she be okay?"
Then we bring her to the vet again one day
A bad diagnosis brings dismay
We didn't think she would go below!
We thought we had to give her a transfusion
But then we discovered at the specialty vet
That all of this is just confusion 
"Her blood rate  is sixteen,worry not now" said the specialty Doc 
We were so relieved we couldn't talk!
Next visit to the doc was twenty five and then thirty six
We are so glad we conquered some thing hard to fix!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Explorer Poems: Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson an English man who heard one day
"We need an ice free way to china, will any one proceed?"
Dear old Henry thought "I can find a way!"
He set off in 1607
With his son and a crew of eleven
However he did not find china he had found a Bay
And made friends with the red men
Until one day
One of his crew had killed an Indian
Causing much trouble and strife
Making poor Hudson have a hard life 
Up the river he explored
But his men were cold and weary and began to abhor
They set poor Henry seven others and his son
Afloat in a boat 
Never heard or seen again
This is the death of Henry Hudson, 
and his men.

Painting By: John Collier
'The Last Voyage Of Henry Hudson'

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nature Haiku's: Destruction Compared to Beauty

Pyroclastic flow
Erupting hot lava glow
Volcanoes explode

Photo by: Clearly Ambiguous

Showers bring flowers
Colorful galore displayed
Until Fall steals glory 

Photo by: Alex Brown

Haiku: A Japanese style poem about nature or feeling using three lines with five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the next and five syllables in the last line .

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Croatoan Mystery : The Colonists Side Of The Story

There once was a lost colony
That etched a clue in a tree
They forever are lost 
May have been double crossed
It's known as the croatoan mystery 

Limerick Poem by:Alex Brown

   In 1587  A colony in Roanoke,Virginia that was lead by Sir Walter Raleigh went missing while their faithful leader was getting more supplies for them. Raleigh came back only to find carvings, one said, 'Croatoan' the other said, 'Cro' which was a native tribe near the area. I presume the colony was killed off by the Croatoans or another tribe who wanted to frame the Croatoans. 
     The reason I believe this is the second carving that says 'Cro' got me thinking, "Why would whoever carved it not finish?"Also, people most likely write better notes back then, however, the colonist would not have time to write a full note if they where being killed off by a whole indian tribe.
It is probable that the colonist were killed but others have thought that the indians had pity for the colonist and took them in for they had no leader at that time and needed help.
     Wouldn't you think that if the whole colony disappeared in one period
it would be probable that they where killed?

Croatoan carving photo by:  unknown
'Sir Walter Raleigh' photo by: lisby1

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rain Fall

Rain fall 
Clouds, air the water and the wind
Cold, drafting
Thundering, lightning
Falling to the ground
There has never been a more delightful sound
Of rain
 Pattering on the lilac cottage in the woods

( In the style of a Diamante) poem by: Alex Brown
Photo by:pim leijen

Periwinkle Blue

Comfort is as blue as the sky in the early morning
It sounds of a birds sweet honey melody
It bares the taste of honey green tea 
and the smell of morning dew breeze
Its looks are high in quality, a wet field of delicate roses
Its simple gifts are ones we treasure.
photo by: winjohn
This is a sensory poem by: Alex Brown

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Road Rage

 Road Rage

In her Passat
with her daughter
on a day quite hot
we where driving down Slaughter
then we stopped at a green light
Mom opened her mouth for a fight

She shouted, "Are you picking your nose,"
with flames bursting from her ears,
"Are you off in a dose?"
I was embarrassed from all these jeers
I hope nobody sees!
Oh, get me out of here please!

Floor it ! Come on!
She yelled like a maniac
before she noticed I was gone in my thoughts
thinking about giving her fowl mouth a wack
so now you know when its traffic time
not all the things Mom does are sublime. 


To all you moms out there that screech at the old Chinese grandma that's picking her nose while her car sits at a green light 
-Alex Brown

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Little White Fox

A little white fox lay in the snow
her fur is soft as silk but 
the cold is like daggers of ice
she is hungry like a bear
because her mom she knows not where 
 Poem by: Alex Brown 
Arctic Fox photo by: Will_89

Fox Tales: Fox Tail Special

Over the years I have sewn two tails, my original red fox/coyote  and my grey wolf / arctic fox tails. This year I have sewn a third tail a silver/black fox tail! I was inspired to make this tail to go with my one and only silver fox plush! I got the perfect fur to complete this peculiar tail, the color is a mix of black cat and sweet brown with a snow white tip like a usual fox would have.

  My original red fox tail was tricky because it was our first time making a tail! I needed help from my family. I was a little nervous  because I didn't want to give up my old tail which came off a horse I used to have. I used the horse tail as a unicorn tail, then a wolf tail  and finally a fox tail until I found a you tube video on how to make an easy quality tail. I thought this was quite appealing to have something that actually looks like a fox tail !    I like my fox tails because they make me feel more like a fox when I play with my friends. I can also be more than a fox with these tails!

I can be .....

  • Red Fox
  • Grey Fox
  • Arctic Fox
  • Fennec Fox
  • Black Fox
  • Silver Fox
  • Grey Wolf 
  • Red Wolf
  • Arctic Wolf
  • Coyote 
With five ears and three tails I can be 10 canines.
Arctic Wolf

Grey Fox

Fennec Fox

Arctic Fox

Red Fox/ Coyote

Grey Wolf

Heather Raven Paw the Silver Fox

Red Wolf is not shown.


Friday, September 6, 2013

Circular Complimentary Color Art Project

Photo By: Chandra Brown

Today I finished an art project for home school, the whole idea of it is to use the complimentary colors together.  First, I used a compass to draw all the circles( you might see  some in the picture).  Second, I drew my hand in the middle of the paper and colored it with paired complimentary colors.
  • blue and orange

  • purple and yellow

  • red and green
all go together on the paper  :-)