Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rad Room Redo

My mom gave me control over the design of my room. I decided to paint it white and grey with flowers blowing in the wind, a graceful fox is in the lower left hand corner gently taking in the fresh air. When I was brainstorming what the wall art should look like I was so excited. When it was time to execute the idea I grew very frustrated, I messed up like I normally would, but there was a problem it was on my wall not a paper. I was worried that I couldn't get it off. Soon we found out that with a little vinegar and a rag you can get pencil off in a jiffy. After I found out mistakes were easily corrected, I began to enjoy myself and looking at my finished art work made feel proud. 

I also designed and painted the colorful, floral headboard art piece above my bed. Hanging the canvas at an angle happened by accident but I feel it makes a great statement.

"Swift Gale"  By: Alex Brown

My mom is especially proud of the depth shown in my wall art. She says it tells a story of who I am as an artist. She likes to come in my bedroom in the morning and gaze at the details because it makes her feel like she is in the scene and it is welcoming. She says the lines of the fox are drawn in a very interesting way and is her favorite part of the wall.

Composition: The wall art depicts a Square miniature section of the whole wall. Art within Art.

Artist: Anthony Grant

My mom bought this Horse art for me, she remembered I loved horses as a young child and thought the colors would go well in my new room. 

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