Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Tiny Trio:Three Amigos, December 17 2013

     I got three gerbils today! Mom and I were discussing future pets a day after my other gerbil died, Mom said two gerbils for christmas would be fine (I was surprised). I wanted to see some gerbils to help me think for future reference so we went to one pet store but they didn't have any gerbils. The next store we found the perfect one, a black and white gerbil like I wanted but there where two others to decide from. I found many qualities in both gerbils that I loved so much I couldn't make up my mind, finally Mom announced I could get them all I was delighted to hear this. Now I have a black and white gerbil named Oreo, a tan gerbil named after my past gerbil Cookie, and a gray gerbil with faint white markings named Scratch. So far Cookie the second has first day jitters but otherwise all is well.      NOTE: Our clerk said they where selling like mad and we were the first to see the gerbils, also they were just put out to be sold so we took the deal( they were on sale).

in memory of Cookie the first --- 2013

By Christmas The Tiny Trio will be tame and ready to hold
The Tiny Trio Photo by: Alex Brown
UPDATE: The Tiny Trio Group Is tame And Can Be Held 
- December 25 2013