Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Dystopian Brainstorm

The terrain was cold and lifeless as far as the eye could see. A gust of wind caught my attention as it brushed against loose snow.  I stared blankly through the impenetrable glass, the freezing metal floor chilled my feet as I stood. I wandered through the empty capsule that served the sole purpose of withstanding the freezing temperatures and high winds of this forgotten planet. I shuffled through the greenhouse past the chickens and goats, which were surrounded by a large dome made of fogged glass. They glanced up with hopeful eyes waiting for me to drop a speck of food, but I passed them. Instead, I unlocked the door and trudged outside. Crisp air rushed as I shut the door behind me. I absently glanced at the transparent membrane that was keeping the oxygen sealed within the compound. Then my glance shifted to the other side of the fence; they had placed interactive holograms of playing children and farmers tending to animals to keep me company. They, the ones that had sent me here, I don't remember them, nor do I remember where I came from; if I volunteered or was forced. All I do know is that I don't belong here. 
I tried to keep my thoughts from progressing; pondering about why I'm here and where I came from brings me sorrow and longing, I knew there must be more than this. Upon realizing that my feet were growing numb, my thoughts dissolved. Aware of my declining body temperature, I started towards the holograms just outside the nearly invisible force field and leaned my arms against the fence, watching, wishing I was living in their world, a community with people. A middle-aged woman carrying a bucket of water on her hip smiled at me and waved, but I did not return her gesture, it meant nothing to me, I was alone. 

Creative Writing: English February, 2019

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